Further thoughts on ‘WHAT’S in a word?’

Death of a Mother book designed by Imar Krige

So: what more is there in that commonplace thing called ‘word’.

Well now. Try sending an old-fashioned love letter… an e-mail message… a tweet… an sms…. without words! And a wedding proposal. Or a special birthday greeting.

Try formulating a eulogy without words. A tribute.

Words almost literally give flight to concepts and thoughts and desires and dreams and apologies and pleas!

They acknowledge.








Be reminded that they are power tools to be handled with the utmost of care, so as not to injure or damage. So as to convey accurately and satisfactorily.

Words are pigeons that are sent out; and return. With messages woven into their delicate feathers.

They complete and substantiate and fulfil. Or they destroy. Devastate. Render forlorn.

For centuries and eons – no-one has been able to deny anyone the ultimate pleasure of saying ‘I love you’.

What would the psalms of David be without them? Or the lamentations of the people of Israel by the rivers of Babylon? Or the national anthems of countries around the globe.

Somewhat mystified about how to harness them to really work for you or your business?

SOLID STUFF CREATIVE has the carefully honed skill to launch them to your advantage.

You know where to find us!


  1. Cathel says:


    1. Lisel says:

      So spesiaal om op dié manier paadjies te kruis…!

  2. Koos Botha says:

    Pragtig! Laat my dink aan N.P. van Wyk se woorde: “Agter elke misverstand tussen mense skuil daar ‘n stukkie slegte spraakgebruik …”
    Hoop jou draaie het jou by die afgelope Woordfees uitgebring.

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