The mountains are calling this weekend!

Mountain Pass by Nadia Krige

There’s nothing I find quite as inspiring as people who pursue their passions no matter what.

I’m always curious about the back stories and simply need to know what exactly it is that fuels the flames. While doing research for an article on mountain passes in South Africa recently, I stumbled upon a website called, well, Mountain Passes of South Africa and was stunned to find that there is a vibrant community of adventurous souls who specialise in discovering and exploring these winding roads, hidden among the valleys and hills of our country… and the rest of the world, for that matter.

I asked creator of the website, Trygve Roberts, what he thought it is that attracts people to mountain passes and he had a beautifully poetic answer:

“I think there is something magical in almost every mountain pass. When you’re on a boring, straight tar road and see a gravel road meandering away up a mountainside, it awakens a sense of adventure – a need to explore. Passes take you somewhere – to an unseen place – a surprise – a new vista – a new discovery. They have gracious curves, inspiring engineering, sometimes they are pure poetry and things of absolute beauty. I think people are attracted to passes by a primordial instinct.”

— Trygve Roberts

So, whether you decide to go discover an unknown road this weekend or just spend some time exploring your own passion, make it count!

Have a good one!


  1. Fanie Krige says:

    Watter pas is die een op die foto?

    1. Nadia Krige says:

      Dis die klein passie daar na die beginpunt van die Cape Canopy Tours in Elgin :)

  2. Ryan says:

    Great pic Nadia! Looks familiar… ;)
    Couldn’t agree more with your words!

    1. Nadia Krige says:

      Hahaha! Thanks, Ryan! You’d probably recognise that road anywhere ;)

      And what an amazing job you guys have, showing off some of our most stunning mountains to people from across the globe…

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