The ability to bend and not break, the flexibility to adapt to the world around us – this is the creative journey we're on.

Just like the wild fig tree manages to thrive in the most inhospitable places – on boulders, in rocky outcrops and even on sheer granite faces – overcoming obstacles and challenges is what Solid Stuff does best.

This resilience has served us well and it is best demonstrated in our work: every solution we provide our clients with is crafted to meet the unique specifications of their business needs.

We believe that by following a set of sound values and dedicating our craft to a pursuit of quality, the stuff we create is discernibly better than the average. Stuff that can’t easily be kept down, stuff that bounces back, stuff that is at the same time relevant now, but is also future-proof.

If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well


Get to know the people behind the projects. People say never to work with family, but hey, we manage quite well. 


Imar Krige

CEO / Graphic Designer

With extraordinary attention to detail and a keen eye for the little things that slip others by, Imar has established himself as a sought-after designer. His favourite adventure companions are his wife, Tamara and daughter, Lillian.


Lisel Krige

Director / Word Specialist

From general reporting to property supplements; corporate newsletters to poetic prose; no-nonsense editing to clear-headed translations; Lisel has a powerful way with words and a diverse portfolio of work, spanning more than 30 years, to prove it.


Tamara Krige

Photographer / Administrator

Who needs an invisibility cloak when your superpower is the underrated skill of keen observation? Tamara’s ability to pick up the moments-between-moments has set her apart as a photographer. She also has a whole other full-time job: being the best mom in the world to sweet little Lillian.


Nadia Krige

Content Writer

Incurably curious, there’s almost nothing Nadia doesn’t find interesting. Her desire to learn about the world and gain a deeper understanding of things is the driving force behind her work as a writer and also the fuel to the flames of her ever-burning wanderlust.


We work from a cosy studio on the second floor of a well-preserved Victorian building in the history rich Paardevlei precinct on the outskirts of Somerset West. From our window, we can catch a glimpse of the large wetland after which the area is named, as well as the Cheetah Outreach project.

Solid Stuff Creative Studio

Our clients

We have been fortunate enough to complete projects for esteemed local and international companies, including:

Logos of Selected Clients
Logos of Selected Clients
Logos of Selected Clients
Logos of Selected Clients

If, like us, you are looking for creative ways to root your business in these challenging times, we look forward to working with you.

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