Original t-shirt designs by Imar Krige

Earlier this year, Solid Stuff made its foray into the fashion scene with an array of quirky and cool t-shirt designs by Imar.

Sparked by curiosity around Cotton Bureau – an online store which allows you to sell original t-shirt designs on-demand without having to deal with the admin of printing, shipping etc – and a desire to indulge in some good old creative fun, Imar set about producing a rather impressive portfolio.

More than just a fun new project, it has also been something of a trip down memory lane for Imar.

"In high school, I was often asked to design t-shirts for events and sports teams," he says. "I guess that essentially set me on my career path, so there is definitely a nostalgic aspect in returning to t-shirt design."

Starting out with a tentative upload of two t-shirts – Overland and Penguin & Protea – his offering has expanded to include a whopping 16 original designs.

Among these, you will find the super cool (and highly underrated) Viking Side Hustles range:

Imar's blurb for the range sums it up pretty well:

"Vikings are cool, but let’s face it, being a badass Northman doesn’t exactly pay the bills, so how exactly did our Norse heroes make ends meet? Viking side-hustles of course! Here’s imagining what Ragnar, Björn, Floki and Lagertha do for extra cash. And King Aella? Well, let's just say he gives "tourist trap" a whole new meaning."

A few other favourites include Bad Coffee, Sloth and Broke.

Be sure to check out more of Imar's t-shirts on Cotton Bureau!

The downside for South Africans, is that the hefty customs duty makes ordering from Cotton Bureau super expensive! Like, seriously – we were quite shocked at the exorbitant taxes we had to pay the Post Office on our order of five t-shirts recently.

So, if you do see something you really like and want to order (from South Africa), let us know and perhaps we can figure something out.