November 21, 2019

#UCTSutherlandReburial: Telling the story 

Last month, we got to participate in telling a remarkable story of social justice, restitution and reburial at the University of Cape Town.

Known as the #UCTSutherlandReburial, the project started when Dr Victoria Gibbon, curator of the university's skeletal collection discovered the unethically-obtained remains of 11 people while conducting an inventory in early 2017.

In what has become a precedent-setting process - both locally and internationally - the university launched a massive collaborative effort to restore a sense of dignity to these individuals and return their remains to their descendants.

Working with UCT's Newsroom and Research Office on a regular basis, Nadia was asked to conduct four interviews in the run-up to a press conference about the process.

Read the interviews:

November 15, 2019

Proofreading and publishing projects

One of the things we firmly believe in and live by at Solid Stuff Creative, is communication.

That’s what we primarily do! – through design, photography and words. Don’t ever misjudge or underestimate the importance and power of the words you send out into the world.

Whilst our Words Portfolio focuses mostly on content creation, journalistic work and social media management, we also enjoy the fields of proofreading, editing and translating.

Lisel recently took on two fascinating proofreading projects for books written by seasoned and awarded authors: Hennie van Deventer (former head of Newspapers at Naspers), who wrote a most enjoyable book Na verre hawens’ on his and his wife’s numerous experiences aboard passenger liners, and Gerard Scholtz of DEKATv fame, whose book ‘Hier gaat ons’ uniquely describes some of his and his wife’s multiple adventures abroad on two Honda scooters. Priceless.

We have also participated in compiling a coffee table book, ‘Fire Storm – Vlammehel on the devastating fire that destroyed scores of properties in Betty’s Bay in January this year and traumatized hundreds of people. Well-known retired journalist Henry Hopkins lost his life five weeks after sustaining horrendous burn wounds in the fire.

Besides a whole lot of editing, liaising and proofreading, our studio also provided a logo for the duration of the project!

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